Art gallery

The Art gallery is housed in the former Military Settlement Headquarters building - a unique monument of architecture of the 19th century. The exhibition presents works by artists, graphic artists, sculptors, craftsmen, who were awarded the State Repin Prize of the RSFSR from 1966 to 1991. There is no similar collection in Ukraine.

Hall of paintings

In the hall works in various genres are presented (landscapes, still-lifes, portraits) of such famous artists as L. Brodskaya, A. Gritsay, V. Zagonek, G. Korzhev, A. Kurnakov, A. Laktionov, N. Romadin, V. Sidorov, V. Stozharov, A. Tkachev and S. Tkachev, B. Ugarov, N. Fomin...You can see also the works of such well-known Soviet sculptors as A. Kibalnikov, N. Tomskiy, O. Komov, V. Astapov and V. Vatagin. 

Hall of arts and crafts

You will be amazed by the exhibition of laureate works in the field of arts and crafts with its variety of genres. Palette of Russian folk art is represented by bright colors of Zhostovo trays, Pavlovsky Posad Shawls, Khokhloma dishes, delicate blue of Gzhel, cobweb of Vologda lace, fabulous painting of Palekh boxes, a fine bone carving of Yakut artists, etc.

Exhibition of participants’ works of the International Repin plein air

Exhibition of works by participants of the International Repin plein air, which is held in Chuguyev since 2000, completes the main exposition.

Exhibition hall

In the Art Gallery you can acquaint with works not only of the Soviet era, but also modern art. Here new exhibitions of contemporary artists are opened each month, creative meetings, master classes are hold.