The main achievements of the museum during 2014

Supporting the initiative of colleagues to present a public report to the museum community, the Art-Memorial Museum of I.E. Repin publishes its main achievements during 2014.

In 2014, the increased focus of scientific staff was on the organization of museum events dedicated to the 170th anniversary of Ilya Repin. During the year festivities included the following public events: Action "By Repin's words about the main thing!"; master class on painting of Easter eggs (together with the Kharkov club of Easter eggs); Repinsky veloquest (bicycle quest); flashmob "Repin - Forever!»; solemn meeting on the Memorial homestead; presentation of projects carried out by students of Kharkov National University of Construction and Architecture: "Reconstruction of the Memorial estate of Art-Memorial Museum of I.E. Repin and "The Museum Quarter" (Memorial estate of the Art-Memorial Museum of I.E. Repin); festive tea party "Repin invites ..."; opening of photo exhibition by Vladimir Ogloblin "Akademichka"; grand postmarking of a postage stamp; closing ceremony of the XV International Repin's plein air. The creative team of the museum prepared for publication catalog of icons from the collection of the Art-Memorial Museum of I.E. Repin.

All museum activities are widely advertised on the official museum website and on the pages in social networks. Such work helps significantly increase number of virtual museum visitors and quickly tell them about announcements of museum activities. In preparation for the anniversary of I.E. Repin museum staff actively cooperated with local and regional media, giving interviews and printing of scientific and popular articles about I.E. Repin. In the anniversary year, the museum has made a new step towards the visitors. From now in the Art Gallery that is one of the Museum’s departments all guests can use free Wireless Internet.

А сonsiderable attention was paid to the restoration of the Memorial Museum. During 2014 activities were carried out to obtain funding and implementation of the restoration project of the Memorial house of I.E. Repin developed in 2013. In a separate development work was carried out to prepare a new exposition of the Memorial estate.

Like last year, the main priority of the museum was the scientific and educational, scientific and educational work. In good demand were cycles of museum classes "Alphabet of art", "Things take on life" and "Ukrainian folk holidays". Visitors of these activities were not only pupils from Chuguev schools. Kharkov travel agencies were interested and brought the museum a significant amount of Kharkov students. During the year the museum was held 100 classes and 111 lectures on various subjects.


The range of museum holidays for schoolchildren significantly was broadened. This year were developed and conducted such holidays as "Repinskie vytynanki", "Autumn still life", "Divovechіr", "Helpers of St. Nicholas", "Rune mystery" and others.

In 2014, 32 static and travelling exhibitions were opened both in the museum and in other museums and organizations.

Achievements in the field of scientific research museum staff gave to the public in articles and presentations at scientific conferences. In 2014, 15 publications of scientific staff were published. 9 scientific articles are ready to be printed.

Throughout the year scientific workers participated in 15 conferences, seminars and round tables.

Considerable attention has been paid to skill improvement of scientific personnel and getting new knowledge at the trainings and seminars, such as "Creation and promotion of museum product: practical experience and trainer's skills" in the framework in the framework of the program «ProMuseum» by Ukrainian Center for Museum; "Promotional product and museum promotion" in the framework of the program «ProMuseum»; in training seminar "Making the future: voices of visitors at the museums"; in the IV Colloquium of educational program on Museology "Strategy of actuality: how to be a needed museum for the local community?".

In 2014, museum did a grant project "Hello, we are your museum!", which gave the possibility to familiarize pupils and teachers in rural schools with museum, in particular, to demonstrate new interactive methods of work in the museum and for the second time took part in the grant competition with the project "Repin's homeland".

The museum held an open day for the heads of museums in educational establishments of Kharkov region and the presentation of the Museum and the Art gallery as part of the "Press tour".

The museum funds for current year were increased on 1088 items: 463 items of basic fund and 625 items of scientific and auxiliary fund. All items received by the main fund have been scientifically processed and certificated.