Memorial Museum of I.Е. Repin

The Memorial house-museum is located in a small house period of the military settlements on the former Nikitinskaya Street (now – VUL MUZEYNA 8), where Ilya Repin lived with the family from October 1876 to September 1877. Most of the focus in the exposition was devoted to Repin's life and creative work in Chuguyev as well as the artist's close ties with Ukraine, which have not been interrupted throughout life. Small but informative expositions feature master's childhood years.

Presented at the museum four original icons painted by the great master at the age from 14 to 18 are unique. They characterize brightly the sources of artist's talent and his early, almost unknown, creative work. The exposition represents also late works of Ilya Repin: portrait of Marianne Veryovkina, drawings, etchings.

Funds of the museum also include except Repin's original works paintings of famous artists from master's mansion such as V. Serov, V. Makovsky, P. Vereshchagin, I. Pymonenko, I. Pelevin.

Bright one-storied house, paved patio, garden with wicker fence. In summer there are decorative beans, artist's favorite colored mallows, yellow-orange marigolds, crimson and pink peonies in the garden.


Icon-painting room

Living room

Artist's workshop