Master-classes of folk art

At the present time there is a revival of national holidays. That is why we offer a course of master-classes devoted to various holidays. These classes will help children to learn not only about the history of the holidays but also to participate in the process of the Easter egg or rag doll creating.


"Easter egg as an art form". Children learn about the kinds of Easter eggs, the technology of its creation and the role of Easter eggs in the modern world. Also they create own Easter egg.




"Wide Maslenitsa". Children learn about the legends of the holiday Maslenitsa and find out how it was celebrated in Russia and about some folk entertainment there. Also there will be a creative task for children in making a rag doll of thick threads.



"Ritual dolls: motanki and vesnyanki (rag dolls)". Children learn about the ritual dolls and for what purpose they were made. Children can participate in the process of creating rag dolls, talisman "Angel" from swatches of fabric or decorate a painted doll.