Lectures in the Museum

The Art-Memorial Museum of I.E. Repin is looking to cooperate with schools, colleges and technical schools of town and region. In our museum you can not only listen to the sightseeing tour of the permanent and current exhibitions, but also to order the thematic museum classes and lectures.

Departments of the Art-Memorial Museum of I.E. Repin offer the following topics for lectures:

Memorial museum:

  1. Chuguev through the eyes of Repin
  2. Childhood of I.E. Repin
  3. Sprouts of creative work of I.E. Repin
  4. Repin in St. Petersburg
  5. Family of  I.E. Repin
  6. History of the painting "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan"
  7. The painting "The Cossacks writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan"
  8. Music in Repin's life
  9. The icon in the museum's collection

The Art gallery:

  1. Painting as an art form
  2. Graphics as an art form
  3. Sculpture as an art form
  4. Course of lectures "Masterpieces of the Tretyakov Gallery"

Museum of local lore:

  1. Temples of the town
  2. Old Chuguev (architectural monuments of Chuguev)
  3. From the history of Chuguev Junker Infantry School
  4. Holodomor in Chuguev region
  5. State decorations of Ukraine