Exhibition "Archaeological Chuguev"

18.05.2014 - 09:00 to 31.12.2015 - 17:00

The exhibition presents interesting achievements of nearly 10 years of research into the history of the town. You immerse yourself in the thickness of the centuries.

Exhibition "Look into museum founds"

27.08.2014 - 09:00 to 10.10.2014 - 17:00

The exhibition presents paintings by laureates of Repin Prize from the museums founds.

Exhibition "Portraits and still lifes open air"

04.08.2014 - 09:45

The exhibition of plein air works is the one from the founds of the Art-Memorial Museum of I.E. Repin.

Exhibition of photographs "Akademichka" by Vladimir Ogloblin

08.05.2014 - 12:30 to 30.08.2014 - 09:30

The exhibition is devoted to the anniversary of the artist I.E. Repin. Academic dacha named after Ilya Repin is the world-famous painters creative base in Vishny Volochek (Tver region).

Exhibition "Chuguevskaya pastel 2014"

выставка «Чугуевская пастель-2014»
15.07.2014 - 15:00 to 04.08.2014 - 17:00

The exhibition presents the works of 12 authors from graphics section of the Kharkov branch of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Exhibition "Summer dream" by artist Lyubov Ponomareva

20.06.2014 - 16:00 to 31.07.2014 - 17:00

Lyubov Ponomareva was born in Chuguev in 1964. She graduated from the Art school of I.E Repin (Chuguev) in 1978.

Exhibition of paintings "Artists about war, world and native land"

03.05.2014 - 08:30 to 15.05.2014 - 17:00

The exhibition is dedicated to the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and presents works by Russian and Ukrainian artists of the twentieth century from the collections of the Art-Memorial museum of I.E.

Exhibition “Through Repin′s places”

29.03.2014 - 09:00

This year we celebrate the 170th anniversary of the birth of our great countryman, world-renowned artist Ilya Repin.

Exhibition "The world is full of beauty" by Antonina Anoricheva-Eremka

18.03.2014 - 12:00 to 18.04.2014 - 17:00

The exhibition presents a series of tapestries by Kharkov artist Antonina Anoricheva - Eremka.