Lacquer miniature painting

The museum's collection of lacquer miniature painting has 34 items of lacquer miniature and 12 items of Rostov enamel. All items are of the second half of the 20th century. Hard work of museum staff, authors’ gifts gave the opportunity to gather a considerable collection of unique items. All items of lacquer miniature are unique, handmade, time-consuming and difficult. Each piece of work keeps the warmth of human hands. Master puts his heart and soul into work.

Objects collected in the museum's collection belong to different major crafts, former icon-painting centers such as Palekh, Mstera, Kholui and Fedoskino and Rostov enamel.

Artists from Palekh, Mstera and Kholui wrote and now write not only miniatures, as well as large panels for the decoration of buildings and institutions. They have been engaged also in book design and theatrical scenery, furniture and porcelain painting, design gratuity metal cups and to create original works of art even collaborate with jewelers.

Museums collection of lacquer miniature is not big, but it includes the works of all main centers of development of this type of arts and crafts. Fedoskino center is one of the most famous centers of folk art. Contemporary artists have kept the old techniques of miniature painting and decorative identity. Our collection is represented by such masters of Fedoskino as M.S. Chizhov, G.I. Larishev, A. Tolstov, I.I. Strakhov, V.D. Lipitsky, N.M. Soloninkin.

Palekh works are decorative and romantic. Its compositions are always graceful, rhythmic and plastic. The age-old school of iconography allows artists easily write complex themes. Palekh represented in the collection such artists as: V.P. Fedotov, T. Kuznetsova, O.L. Smirnova, Buldakov, B. Grishin, B. Ermolaev, G.N. Kochetov, S. Adeyanov, Y. Krysenkov, T. Grishina, T. Surkova, E. Shchanitsyna, A.A. Kotuhina.

In the village of Mstera began to engage in lacquer miniature after Palekh. Painting of Mstera masters is a peculiar miniature panel which subordinates not the whole item but only the plane. Therefore, Mstera masters in most cases write miniatures on the lids of boxes of rectangular shape, in contrast to the Palekh masters who are entirely subordinate box painting its various forms. Our collection includes works of two masters from Mstera: N.I. Shishakov, L.A. Fomichev.

Kholui is the youngest among contemporary crafts of lacquer miniature. Kholui painting is characterized by closeness to nature, beautiful picture. Kholui in the collection is represented by sush masters as B.I. Kiselev, N.I. Baburin, V.A. Babkin.

A small collection of works by artists working at the factory "Rostov enamel" allows to get acquainted with one of the forms of ancient Russian art enamel. The exhibition presents: bracelet, earrings, brooch, decorative panels, boxes.